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Psychiatric Excellence is currently accepting New Patients. We offer telemedicine video appointments. 

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As a double board-certified psychiatrist, Anu Goel, MD, offers compassionate and comprehensive mental health care at Psychiatric Excellence in San Francisco. Dr. Goel is an experienced psychopharmacologist who provides medication management to help patients lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Goel is a native of San Diego, California. After finishing medical school, he completed his residency at one of the most underserved hospitals in the US, Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. He completed his rigorous fellowship training at the Medical College of Ohio. Dr. Goel is board-certified in both psychiatry and neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Goel believes that the cornerstone of effective psychiatric care is kindness and compassion. He stays on the cutting-edge of current research and treatments, ensuring his patients receive effective, customized care. During the initial appointment, Dr. Goel will discuss how he came to his diagnosis, why he recommends a certain medication over others, the mechanism of action of the medication, the benefits and possible side effects of the recommended medication, and the expected outcome and timeline. His philosophy is to prescribe the minimal amount of medication necessary to achieve the desired result. Dr. Goel provides a very clear and thorough treatment plan. He answers all of his patients questions. He encourages a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

As a psychopharmacology specialist, Dr. Goel has a comprehensive understanding of psychiatric medicine. He has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings to ensure a thorough and solid knowledge base. He has a special expertise in treating complex cases including treatment-resistant Depression, Anxiety/ Panic Disorders, OCD, Bipolar Disorder Type 1, and Bipolar Disorder Type 2. Dr. Goel truly cares about his patients and is passionate about improving the quality of his patients lives.



  • Conducted psychiatric research at the University of California, San Diego focusing on traumatic loss and the complicated grief process
  • Provided care for veterans at the VA Hospital in Washington DC with a focus on PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Depression
  • Managed acute psychiatric care for a busy psychiatric emergency room and psychiatric inpatient hospital in Kansas
  • Treated child and adolescent psychiatric patients in an ER setting, outpatient clinic, and inpatient unit at a top research-based hospital in Ohio
  • Led a team of mental health professionals in treating patients with severe chronic mental illness at a community mental health center in Ohio
  • Managed care for mentally ill patients at a state hospital facility in Ohio
  • Administered care for persistently mentally ill patients at one of the most underserved hospitals in New York City
  • Established a very successful private practice in New York City
  • Provided care for chronically mentally ill inmates at a prison in California
  • Inpatient Psychiatrist at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
  • Inpatient Psychiatrist at County Hospital
  • Currently providing care for patients in San Francisco